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Each order is time sensitive. Per client’s service request, Go-Phor monitors the job performance based on each order from pickup to delivery time by Service Type. For example, Rush Service will be completed in the San Francisco Downtown area within 1 hour from time of call. Each Service Type has its own time element for completion.

Go-Phor’s are strategically located and can be reached by phone. Our Go-Phor’s are familiar with all Major metropolitan Cities. We are experienced and equipped with GPS tracking.

When a client’s request for courier service is placed, the nearest is dispatched to the destination of pickup/delivery. At this point, the communication is open until the order service is completed with time of delivery and if desired a signature: then transmitted and stored in Go-Phor’s database, which upon request can be obtained automatically by email or on our website.

Our statistics show service completion is within 99% on time within each service type. Our responses for on-time delivery are done during each business day.