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How do I sign up to be a GO-PHOR?

You can apply using the app or online through the GO-PHOR website. You will be asked to enter your bank information, so you can receive payment for the deliveries you make. You can watch this How To video for a step by step process:


How will I know when I'm getting a delivery request? How do I accept?

When you get a delivery request, your screen will flash and a sound will ping. You have 20 seconds to accept the delivery request of which, the first 10 of those seconds are your exclusively. After ten seconds the next nearest GO-PHOR will be given the opportunity to accept the request from under you. Press the accept button on your screen to accept.

When should I tap “Item collected”?

After you have picked up the item from the collection point.

I have a rating lower than 3 stars

This application depends on a positive experience for every one involved. If for some reason someone has chosen to give you a rating lower than three stars we should discuss what cause was. Your account will be suspended until we figure out how we can improve the user experience. You will then be placed on probation.

I didn't start/end a delivery on-time. What do I do?

Go into your History and tap on the delivery. At the bottom of the screen, tap "Need Help" and then "I had an issue with this delivery." You can then select "I didn't begin or end the trip on time" and fill in the pick-up and drop-off locations. We'll make the adjustment! If you are late making a delivery the user may choose not to tip you and they may lower your rating.

How do I contact the user who made the request?

We are currently working on developing a way for you to directly contact the user you are making the delivery for, but currently your only way to make contact with them in through the GO-PHOR.


If you need to contact the user, you can tap on the clipboard icon in the upper right of the partner app after you accept a trip request and it gives you the option of calling or texting the user.

What if my app isn't working?

Uninstall the app from your smartphone and download a new version of the app (you may not have the most up to date version of the app, which can cause problems). If after you have installed and then downloaded the latest version of the app, you are still experiencing problems, please contact GO-PHOR help desk at

When and how do I get paid?

As a GO-PHOR, you are paid via direct deposit daily as you complete deliveries. Payment is made by direct deposit only. You can add your bank info when you sign up to be a GO-PHOR


Where am I eligible to receive delivery requests? How is the GO-PHOR decided

You can receive requests wherever you are. The requests are first given to the GO-PHOR who is closest to the delivery request

Can I pick up items at a private residence, as well as a business address?

Yes! GO-PHORs can both drop off and pick up at private residences and business locations. However, GO-PHORs are only allowed inside public venues. GO-PHORs should not enter a user’s home and always be respectful and professional whether at a private residence or business location.


How do I make sure my vehicle is ready for delivery?

Make sure you have current registration, valid insurance and the required licenses if you are going to use a vehicle to make deliveries. If making deliveries via a bike, always ensure you are wearing a helmet and compiling with other road safety standards. Your vehicle should be clean and emptied of large contents so you are ready to pick up packages of varying sizes.

My user wants me to wait. What should I do?

If a user asks you to wait when you are dropping off the item, you're welcome to do so. Just keep the delivery running and do not confirm you have dropped off the item until you have completed the drop off and are able to depart. Similarly, if you are asked to wait when picking up an item, you may choose do so.

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