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Fees and Charges

You will be charged for each delivery at a rate of $1 per mile + 25 cents per minute, with a minimum of a $5 delivery charge.


Request a Delivery

You can use the GO-PHOR app to request a delivery from any business or personal residence in your city. Open the app, drag the locator icon to the position where you would like your item collected (or input the address or place name in the white bar at the bottom of your screen), then select the blue “Set pickup location” button. Next, you will be prompted to set the delivery destination. You can do this the same way as setting the pickup location; either by dragging the pink locator icon or inputting the address or place name into the open field at the bottom of your screen. Next, select “Set delivery destination.”

Choose a Delivery Type

Now you can choose your delivery type: “Ship Direct” or “Ship Flex”.

Ship Direct entitles you to immediate pickup and delivery at a rate of $2 per mile and 25 cents per minute.

Ship Flex allows gets your item delivered to you within 2 hours at a rate of $1 per mile and 25 cents per minute.

Delivery Item Features

Once you have input your item collection and drop off points, you hit the “Send Request” button at the bottom of your screen. This will redirect you to a screen that allows you to add details and choose from various details within the app. You will be presented with 3 additional item delivery options:

1.    “Enter load Details”: This feature allows you to input a confirmation number for your item, list the name of the item, select whether the item is a package, box or truckload, enter the item weight and even add a picture of the item or a screenshot of the confirmation of your item.

2.    “Choose a GO-PHOR”: This feature allows you to select a GO-PHOR by distance or rating.

3.    “Do you have a promo code”: This feature allows you to enter your discount or promo code.

After you have input all your details, hit the “Submit” button and wait for your request to be accepted by one of our GO-PHORs.

After Delivery is made

Once you have received your item, you will have the opportunity to rate the service you received and provide feedback. We strive to satisfy our users, so please let us know if we are not meeting your expectations and if you have any ideas for how we can improve. We also love to hear when you’re happy, so feel free to share your good experiences and rate your GO-PHOR according to performance.

Delivery Fee and Discounts

The standard delivery fee is $1 per mile and 25 cents per mile. The standard delivery is listed as “Ship Flex” within the app.

There is also a “Ship Direct” option that increases the fee to $2 per mile, but still maintains the 25 cents per minute rate.

Discount codes are issued that allow you to get a discounted delivery or sometimes a free delivery. These are issued by GO-PHOR and can be redeemed within the app. In order to use a discount code, you must hit the pink “Send Request” button at the bottom of your screen after you have input your pickup and delivery destination information. After you hit “Send Request,” you will be redirected to a screen that allows you to enter a “promo code.”

Need something else?

  • We would love to hear from you regarding things we can do better or whatever. Please use the from at the bottom of the screen to contact support. 

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